Cool Wrappings :)

 Christmas is fast approaching and we are sure to give gifts to our family and friends. Here are some of the cool/cute/unique gift warpping ideas I found from different places to inspire you in gift wrapping! :)

Turn the gift-wrap into a blackboard!

  Who knew you could wrap things in a black board? Well, not exactly, but using black craft paper and a chalk-style marker can give you the look of a chalkboard. A plus … no need for gift tags with this cool idea! 

Use old hardware fasteners as trim

  This one comes from HGTV’s blog. Using old hardware, washers and keys as package decorations is a great idea for wrapping tools, how-to books, art supplies and home decor gifts.

Which to open first?

  If you have a lot of little gifts to give someone, why not build a cube of boxes? You could use almost any light-weight colorful cardboard, like cereal boxes, cookie boxes or pasta boxes. Create or download a cube template, then cut out your boxes. As you fill each one, attach it to the next one with two-sided tape. Once you have your cube completed, add a bow and wait for the fun. 



DISCLAIMER: I do not claim any of these photos.