Insomnia Dream Cast by Jenn and Me + Giveaway

 Today, I am proud to present to you J.R. Jonhansson's and Divergent Gryffindor's dream cast for Insomnia, which releases on June 2013. This book is a real memorable read for me because the genre is out of my comfort zone, but it caught my attention. While I was reading this, I couldn't stop myself from telling my friends about it, and I'm proud to say that I got them excited too, and they've been waiting for the publication ever since! But anyway, enough of my pointless babbling. Without further ado, I present you the dream cast of characters Parker, Mia, Finn and Addie! The ones on top are Jenn's and below hers are mine. :)



Landon Laboiron 

Parker is a tough one because he needs to look like your average struggling-to-understand-his-place-in-the-world-teenager, but also have the possibility of looking very...very dark and scary (if you've read Insomnia, you know what I'm talking about). That's why this actor is so so perfect. He looks exactly like I'd picture Parker on a good day, and this other photo of the same actor is exactly how I'd picture him  on a bad day as well.


Hayden Christensen

When I was reading Insomnia, I always pictured Parker as one who has somewhat of a Gothic look to him, so when I saw this photo of Hayden Christensen, I knew immediately that he's the perfect representation of the Parker I had in my mind.


Sammi Hanratty

I think she fits this role perfectly because she's soft and vulnerable, but I've seen some other pics that show that tidbit of attitude that Mia needs.


Elisabeth Harnois

She's the perfect Mia that I had in my mind! She's attractive, eye-catching, and she's got that innocent and kind look to her, like she needs protection. Exactly like the Mia in Insomnia!

Bella Thorne

This actress fits Addie in my head perfectly. Funny, great smile, a little spunky and sarcastic, but with gorgeous eyes and personality.

Hannah Gayle Marks

For me, Addie is someone who can carry herelf well, but still needs a little protection. I think Hannah Marks represent that perfectly, thus being the perfect Addie in my head. And, I don't know, I've always imagined Addie as a dark-haired girl.

Kendall Schmidt

This actor has that cute goofy charm about him that is so trademark-Finn for me. Love it.

Tyler Posey

To be honest, I didn't have a Finn "picture" in my mind while I was reading Insomnia, but since Addie is dark-haired, I just looked for a dark-haired guy that I think might fit. 

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