The Search for a Co-Blogger!

  I've been blogging for almost a year now, but I never really took blogging seriously when I started it. The typical me would have abandoned this blog a long time ago, so it surprised me that in a few days, I will have been blogging for a year already! This blog has a space in my heart now, and I do not want to abandon this blog, thus the search for a co-blogger.

  Lately, because of school and practice, I can't even find the time to read for fun anymore, much less review books or post on my the blog. I finally decided that I should get a co-blogger to keep this blog alive.

  I should warn you though, that I'm completely picky and somewhat OCD about these things, and because of that, I would like a two-week trial to check if we could work well together.

  If you want to be a guest blogger, you can also contact me on Twitter, then e-mail so we can talk over things. :) @DivergentGryffi is my Twitter handle.


• Love for reading and writing, of course. :)

• Young Adult or New Adult reviewer. Because that's what this blog is about. Also, I mostly review Contemporary, so plus points if you review that genre too!

• Good grammar. Take note of good, and not perfect. I make mistakes here and there myself, but your  grammar and spelling should at least be understandable, and mistakes kept at a minimum

• Can communicate with me constantly, through either e-mail, Facebook or Twitter. Because how can I work with someone whom I can't talk to, right? :)

• Dedicated. I wouldn't want a co-blogger who would quit after a month or two.

• Don't make promises you can't keep. If you told me you'll post on this date, please post on that date. If you can't for some reason, please tell me immediately.

• You can post AT LEAST two reviews per month.

• Check everything with me first, because I'm completely OCD like that. Also, I might edit some of your stuff, but I promise to tell you first! Sorry about that in advance.

• Honesty. If you don't like a certain book, please don't write that you like it. A review wouldn't be real if it's not honest.

Perks! :)

• You get to experience working with another blogger to broaden your spheres! 

• You get to request books from Netgalley and Edelweiss!

• If you don't have experience blogging, you can learn a lot, and you don't have to start from zero. This blog already has 350+ followers on GFC and almost 300 on BlogLovin'!

If you are interested, please fill out this form :)