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  Yesterday, January 18th, I had the pleasure and honor of meeting a New York Times bestselling author, Gayle Forman! Prior to the signing, I had been excited for days, because you know, ADAM!! And WILLEM! While I was composed on the outside yesterday, I was fangirling and screaming with joy in the inside!

  Gayle Forman was really amazing! She was funny, kind and sweet. She answered all of the bloggers' questions patiently and nicely, and she even sang Let It Go, the soundtrack from Frozen! It was truly an honor to be there, and it was even more fun because my fellow bloggers were there!

  Here are some photos from the event:

Sandra introducing Gayle Forman
(c) Kate, The Bookholic Blurbs

 Gayle walking in

Gayle singing "Let It Go" :) 

Gayle answering all the questions
(c) Hazel Ureta, Stay Bookish

 Bloggers in a line for the signing

Look what she gave us! :D
(c) Hazel Ureta, Stay Bookish

 Oh look! She's signing my book! 
That was me, trying to keep the fan-girling insdie :))

With Gayle Forman, the mastermind 
behind Adam and Willem! 

We took a group photo before ending the event
There I am, sitting in front
Photo from Jeselle

Pictures with some of the other bloggers:

 Some of the bloggers here are Nina, Louisse, Dani
Nicole & MichelleKayla, Algel, Sab, Hazel, Michelle and Chyna

 With Algel

With Kayla

With Algel and Sab
(c) Hazel Ureta, Stay Bookish

  Thank you so much, National Book Store, for bringing all these amazing authors to the Philippines! Philippines may not be at the top of most authors' destinations, but you always do your best to bring bestsellers here for us book lovers. I love you, National Book Store! :D