Bookish Bucket List

 In no particular order :)

1. Meet my favorite authors, especially Katie McGarry!
  Living in the Philippines, I find meeting authors hard because they rarely come here. Katie McGarry is my favorite favorite author, and her books helped me, so I'd be the luckiest person alive if I get to meet her and get her to sign my books! Other authors I want to meet are Kasie West, Veronica Roth, JK Rowling, Colleen Hoover, Stephanie Perkins, Richelle Mead, JLA, Tarryn Fisher, Cora Carmack, etc.

2. Continue blogging! (For forever?)
  A problem I have is getting easily bored or not committing to what I do. I often have unfinished crochet projects because of this bad habit of mine. Even I was surprised that I have managed to continue blogging for more than a year! Blogging has brought me so much joy already, and I just want to continue! :)

3. Attend ALA/BEA
  As I said, I live in the Philippines, so I hope to go to America someday and join these huge conventions to meet more authors, bloggers and bookworms! :D

4. Read 1M pages before I die!
  I have this challenge to myself wherein I want to read one million pages worth of books in my lifetime. Being an avid reader, I'm really hoping to be able to accomplish this. Though at the rate that I'm going, I'm not really sure. Check it out here! 

5. Be mentioned in a book
  Do you know how totally awesome that would be?! I can't even.

6. Receive paperback ARCs
  Living in the Philippines is a pain in the ass in receiving paperbacks because they're not willing to ship this far. Just last week I was accepted for paperbacks of Break-Up Artist and Played, but upon learning that I live here, I got declined. :(

7. Read at least 150 books a year
  Not easy, considering I still have homework to do, and I also enjoy other hobbies like crocheting, watching series, etc. But, if I can manage this, then my 1M goal wouldn't be so hard to accomplsih anymore. 

8. Have a library/reading room in my future house.
  Reading has been a huge part of my life since I was just a kid, and it's my dream to have a library in my house in the future. But if not, I can settle with just a reading room. I want the reading room to be not so big, because I want it to be a private place for me and my books. ;)

9. Share the love of reading to others.
  I LOVE convincing people to read books! I want to make it known to everyone how amazing reading is. Also, I want to have bookworm kids in the future! I want to share the books I read when I was young, and also share book opinions with them. Shopping for books together would certainly be fun! 

10. Make international blogger friends!
  So far, my only blogger friends are the only ones who live here in the Philippines because I have actually already met them in person. Not that they're not awesome or anything, because believe me they are, but I want to branch out and know more bloggers! If only...