Top Ten "Gateway" Books

  These are my first two books. I purchased them when we had a Scholastic book fair in our school back in 2nd grade. I still remember that I took a LOT of time to finish reading these, but I know that I can read these in one sitting now. :))

  After those two, I kind of just stopped reading because I had no books anymore. I purchased this book in a similar book fair back in third grade, but I didn't read it until summer of fourth grade. This is what really got me into reading, but then without the first two, I never would've purchased this anyway.

  No matter how much people bash this book, we have to admit that without Twilight, not that many people will be open to the 'vampire genre'. This book got me reading vampire books and I discovered one of my favorite series - The Vampire Academy series! But then I have to admit, I don't really read vampire novels nowadays anymore. Actually, I don't really read fantasy anymore.

  These two introduced me to the contemporary romance genre and that my favorite genre now! Actually, that's all I read nowadays. I know, boring. Not exactly 'introduced' but then, without these two books, I wouldn't know what that genre that I love so much was called, or if there was even that particular genre.

  This book opened me up to the romantic mystery novels. Because it was so beautifully written, I now am interested a little tiny bit in the mystery genre, which I never touched before. Admittedly, I still don't really read mystery, but then if I come across one that sounds interesting, I would pick it up. Unlike before like if I found out that a book is mystery I would either not bother looking, or look and put it down, no matter how interesting.

  These books opened me up to the Dystopian genre. After reading the amazing ones, I figured that I loved the genre. Turns out I was wrong, so I stay out of all that is dystopian now, but still, I've read quite a few because of these two.

  This book opened me up to the fantasy genre again after just reading contemporary romance for a long long time. Well, not just any fantasy genre, but just JLA fantasy. She's the only one good enough to make me read this genre again, but I hope to find more in the future.
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