Top Ten Characters Who I Want to be BFFs With

  Sam is hilarious and have a really strong personality, and so does Rose and Kim. Rose can kick asses for me, and I know that Kim will be there for me whatever I do. Adam would be fun to talk to about life goals and all that stuff. Ridge will just be fun to hang out with and waste time with. Katy is a blogger and have an awesome personality too. Also, wouldn't you just want to ask her about Daemon? Lola is this girl who is strong, independent, and could care less what others think of her. I would love to learn from her. I could just talk to Will on and on about my problems. I could learn a thing or two from Sam because he's just so wise beyond his years. Hector will be a loyal friend and would be fun to hang out with too. Like Kim, I know he'll support me in whatever I choose to do. :D