Dress Up That Cover #6 - Doll Bones

11:25 AM

  Dress Up That Cover is a new feature where I create an outfit based merely on the cover, not the story nor what the characters would wear. Colors of the outfit will all be taken from the cover design, so the books may be ones that I haven't read yet. All sets will be created via Polyvore.
  Today's feature is a book that I haven't read yet, but isn't in my TBR list either. I don't read this genre, but I made this set because I just love the cover! Isn't it just amazing? :D

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14 thoughts

  1. Like the dress and coat! Though personally, I would appreciate something darker - like black or gray. :) This would definitely make a girl stand out. <3 Great feature!

    Precious @ Fragments of Life

  2. Kim! You are making me want to use Polyvore :p

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  4. @Precious: I just realized now that I should've put more black in it! :)) Thanks for stopping by!

  5. @Sab: You should! Polyvore is fun! :D

  6. @Missie: Thanks for stopping by! :)

    @Nereyda: Same here! Thanks for stopping by :)

  7. Whaa, what a great feature! :) I love your picks - the dress is so pretty. :)

  8. Nice, I saw this book on another blogger's post. Love the dress itself, though I can't say I'm crazy about the actual doll on the cover! I have a thing where I'm creeped out by dolls :P


  9. @BiblioSanctum: I love it too! Yeah, it's creepy, but I think it's supposed to be. ;)


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