Battle of the Covers #1

  Battle of the Covers is a new feature in the blog wherein I judge books by their covers, literally. Here, I will compare two or more covers of the books in their different editions, judge which one I prefer, and leave a poll for people to vote in. In the next post, another cover will be discussed, plus the results of the poll will be announced.
  For my first Battle of the Covers feature, I chose A Darker Shade of Magic by VE Schwab, a book that has been having a lot of hype especially in booktube. Here are the two covers:

  1                                 2 

  I think cover #1 is the more well-known cover because it's the one that I've been seeing around lately. However, when I first saw the cover, it was easy for me to overlook the cover because I didn't understand the illustration at first glance. The second cover, however, looks very mysterious and interesting, and black and red became such a great combination. I can definitely see Kell in the silhouette of the man in the cover. Although the first one looks more like it has something to do with parallel universes, I can't help but be compelled by the second one.

Final Verdict: Cover #2

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