Battle of the Covers #2 - Mistborn: The Final Empire

5:00 PM

  Battle of the Covers is a new feature in the blog wherein I judge books by their covers, literally. Here, I will compare two or more covers of the books in their different editions, judge which one I prefer, and leave a poll for people to vote in. In the next post, another cover will be discussed, plus the results of the poll will be announced.
  For this week, the book that I chose was Mistborn: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson. It's a book that I've been wanting to read, and I had no idea that it had so many covers!

   1                                  2  

    3                               4  


  Cover #1 looks kind of interesting for me, but I won't pick it up. Cover #2 just creeps the crap out of me. Cover #3 is really pretty, especially when put side by side with the rest of the trilogy. Cover #4 is just easy to overlook for me. I like cover #5, however I would think that it's an MG book at first glance. It's a battle between cover #3 and cover #5, but when I think about how the collection will look on my shelf, cover #3 is the clear winner. I love the clean, minimalist feel of it and it just looks amazing! I wish I can have that cover over here in the Philippines!

Final Verdict: Cover #3 

Which cover is the best for you?
Cover #1
Cover #2
Cover #3
Cover #4
Cover #5

Results from last week:

Yay, the cover that I chose won! :D

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4 thoughts

  1. I also like covers 3 and 5, but cover 3 the most. Did you mean to write cover 3 in your final verdict? Love this new feature :)

  2. @patty:
    Yes, thank you for pointing that out! I just changed it :)

  3. I like 1 and 3. 1 really intrigues me but 3 is so pretty!

    Love this feature!

  4. Agreed! Cover 3 is definitely the best. And I am glad you thought Cover 2 was creepy too, because that thing is going to give me nightmares hahhaha. Cover 1 would probably be my second choice.
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight


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