Battle of the Covers #3 - Throne of Glass

7:30 AM

  Battle of the Covers is a new feature in the blog wherein I judge books by their covers, literally. Here, I will compare two or more covers of the books in their different editions, judge which one I prefer, and leave a poll for people to vote in. In the next post, another cover will be discussed, plus the results of the poll will be announced.
  This week's book is Throne of Glass, a recent discovery of mine. I just finished reading this book, and I absolutely loved it! I can't wait to read the next books in the series, and I think Sarah Maas might be added to my favorite authors soon!

   1                                  2  

    3                               4  

  Cover #1 makes Celaena look like a weak, princess-y girl, and I totally disapprove. Cover #4 looks like it has something to do with winter. While it is pleasing to the eyes, I wouldn't pick it up if I pass it by. It is down to Cover #2 and Cover #3, in which Celaena looks badass in both covers, which I love. I think I love Cover #2 when looked at as a series, but I love Cover #3 individually. Luckily, it's the version that I own.

Final Verdict: Cover #3

Which cover is the best for you?
Cover #1
Cover #2
Cover #3
Cover #4

Results from last week:

Winner: Cover #3

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5 thoughts

  1. Looks like my favorite #2 is the most popular!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  2. My favourite is cover 2. It's the one I own and the three books look amazing next to each other, so I can't wait for the rest. My book copy of the five novellas isn't white, I'm not sure it evens comes in white, but I kind of like that it's differentiated that way.

  3. Covers 2 and 3 are both pretty good but I like 3 because of that darker edge to it.

  4. I like cover 3. The first is too realistic, I like fantasy to be more....well, fantasyish.

  5. I like 2 and 3 as well, but 2 is probably my favorite! What a neat meme. :-)


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