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5 stars:  photo 5stars200_zpse4c5eb78.png
This book was out of the world amazing! I absolutely loved it and it was just perfect! Haven't read this book yet? You f*cking should!

4.5 stars: photo 4half200_zps5c56673e.png
4 stars:  photo 4stars20_zps70b424c0.png
I really liked and enjoyed this one, but I felt like there was something missing. I still recommend it though.

3.5 stars:  photo 3half200_zps5850f564.png
3 stars:  photo 3stars200_zps2904d19c.png
This book was 'meh.' I'm torn between liking it and not liking it since it was pretty much split in the middle. I wouldn't really recommend it.

2.5 stars:  photo 2half200_zps2449fed1.png
2 stars:  photo 2stars200_zps868123a9.png
I didn't like this book overall, but there were bits that I liked. I wouldn't really recommend this one.

1.5 stars:  photo 1half200_zps8c459656.png
1 star:  photo 1star200_zps0092b46f.png
I f*cking hated this book and I felt like throwing it! I practically had to force myself to finish this book. For your sake, do not even bother picking this book up.