2016 Review Copies

January Releases:
Sword and Verse  ||  The Mystery of Hollow Places || Thicker Than Water
Shade Me || Firsts || Other Broken Things || The Impostor Queen

February Releases: 
The Big Rewind || The Shadow Queen || Assassin's Heart || Reign of Shadows
The Girl from Everywhere || Symptoms of Being Human || Behold the Bones

March Releases:
A Drop of Night || A Study in Charlotte || The Great Hunt || Seven Black Diamonds
You Were Here || Burning Glass || This is Where the World Ends

April Releases:
Flamecaster || Dreamology || The Last Boy and Girl in the World

May Releases:
Ruined || Suffer Love || Queen of Hearts
The Last Time We Were Us || The Way Back to You || Traitor Angels
Wanderlost || Even if the Sky Falls || The Crown's Game

June Releases:
Cure for the Common Universe || This Savage Song
True Letters From a Fictional Life || The Marked Girl || Autofocus