Lettering and Calligraphy #10 - Ugly People Beautiful Hearts

Lettering & Calligraphy is a new feature on the blog where I can share to you guys my other hobby besides reading. This feature will showcase my letter and calligraphy works of quotes from various books. I'm not an expert or even anywhere near , but I just wanted to share my works. :)
"And I wonder what the night dreams about when it closes its eyes and winks out all the lights. The starless sky at the back of its eyelids. I'll listen close to the sigh of the midnight hour in case sleepy words were murmured, carried by a wind that doesn't know it's name" - Ugly People Beautiful Hearts by Marlen Komar

 Just a simple ombre lettering for this week. This is from a book of poems by Marlen Komar. I didn't love all poems, but there were a number like this one that really captured my attention. If you have the time, check the book out. :)