BBCP 2016 Team Violet - Meet Your (Contemporary) Match!

7:30 AM

  While I was browsing through Twitter last month, I came across Nori's post regarding the Book Blogger Creativity Challenge. I had no idea what it was actually about, but I signed up anyway because I saw the word creativity and I knew I would be part of a team. 

  I was assigned to Team Violet, and our group decided to do Meet Your Match, a quiz that would match you with a particular book recommendation. Each of us picked a genre, and I got first dibs on contemporary! Really, it would have been a disaster had I been assigned to any other genre because I would have been clueless! 

  The quiz below is the one I created for the contemporary genre. It has a total of 5 questions, ranging from general to specific. It will only take your time, and I tried to find book where there weren't a lot of hype so that the recommendation can be more useful. I have read all 4 books, and all of them are 5-star reads. 

  Without further ado, just click the start button below and find out what your next contemporary read will be! Also, leave comments down below about what you think about your results because I would love to know. :)

  I had a lot of fun creating this quiz and I hope that you had fun answering, too! All the books I included in this quiz are ones that I love so much so I hope that you will too, as well.

  Here's a schedule for the rest of my team's quizzes, in case you are interested in a genre other than contemporary:
June 11 - Paranormal - Pam of A Writer's Tales
June 12 - Dystopian - JM of Book Freak Revelations
June 13 - Science Fiction - Nori of Read Write Love 28
June 14 - Fantasy - Ariadhna of Open Pages
June 15 - Contemporary - Yours truly
June 16 - Historical Fiction - Tiffany of The Bookish Thought
June 17 - WRAP UP

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8 thoughts

  1. I got The One Thing, and I can't believe I haven't heard of this one before! Thank you for the recommendation!

    1. Yay! That's one of my favorite books and it made me bawl into the midnight. Ah, so much love for that book!

    2. Now I'm afraid, but honestly, I haven't have a good cry for a book in a long time!

  2. Great quiz! I took it three times because I really enjoyed your questions and the suggestions, all of which were new to me. Thanks!

    1. Aw, yay! Thank you so much for that, Wendy! <3

  3. I got The Fill-in Boyfriend which is interesting because I'm about to read it after ACOMAF! (I know I'll be needing a light and fluffy read after that, so...) Anyways, great quiz, Kim! :D Hope to work with you again next time! :)

  4. Found the love of my life, my forever, my always...


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