Meeting Andrea Portes and Amy Zhang!

  Last Sunday, July 3, I was fortunate enough to meet bestselling authors Andrea Portes and Amy Zhang! I really wanted to post a recap but I'm also kind of lazy to type things up so I'm just going to make this quick and fill it with the photos that I have! :)

(Amy Zhang, me and Andrea Portes)

  When Amy and Andrea arrived, there was a question and answer portion where the bloggers asked questions and the authors answered. The questions ranged from talking about their books, their writing process and some general questions about life. 

  Amy Zhang is just so pretty and fashionable! Also, we're both Chinese, which is kind of amazing. I really loved reading This is Where the World Ends by her, so I'm so glad that my copy is signed now!

  Andrea Portes was just so kind. I asked her about her experience in Manila, and she said she loved our weather because of the rain. She told me she lives in LA where there's no rain. In turn, I told her that I actually hate rain, so she drew a sun (from LA) on my copy of Anatomy of a Misfit!

  Aside from meeting two amazing authors and having my books signed, I also really loved seeing my fellow book bloggers as well! I had a lot of fun catching up with them and talking about books. Yay! I don't have photos because I was too lazy haha!

  Thank you so much, National Book Store, for bringing these authors here to the Philippines, and thank you Amy Zhang and Andrea Portes for coming out to meet your fans!