Top Ten Bookish/Blogger Goals

1. Make a huge dent in my TBR Pile.
   -This is gonna be real hard since my TBR Pile keeps growing and growing, but I'm seriously gonna try. :)

   -I have a HUGE problem in this area, since I was never really good at making friends, and I suck at starting conversations. Though I don't know how I'm gonna be able to do this, I'm still going to try REAL HARD.

3. Host a giveaway.

   -I haven't hosted a giveaway of my own yet, only those that's part of blog tours. It's gonna be quite a problem with the shipping fee though, since I live in the Philippines, and I think only a small part of my followers are from here. I'm probably gonna make use of The Book Depository.

4. Post at least twice a week.

   -It's gonna be real hard to post 3 times a week, since there's school and all, so I lowered it down to 2 posts a week. Be it reviews, memes, or whatever.

5. Accomplish the Reading Challenges I participated in.

   -I think I participated in 7-10 reading challenges, and I'm really hoping to complete them all this year, since there were one or two last year that I didn't accomplish.

6. Read at least 30 books.

   -Last year I signed up for 25 books in the Goodreads reading challenge and accomplished it, so I added 5 books this year! Plus, I also have that One Million Pages thing, so it's like a double accomplishment.

7. Only sign up for tours/ request for books that I would be able to finish.
   -Sometimes I get carried away by requesting too many books, or signing up for too many blog tours. With school and all, I can hardly find time to finish the books, so I get a little behind schedule.

8. Get 150 followers.

   -I started the year with only 30 followers, and now I have 48, so I still believe I can get to 150 before the year ends. *cross fingers*

9. Finish the series I started.
   -I started A LOT of series back in 2012 that I haven't finshed yet, like The Secret Series, Divergent, Princess Academy, Hunger Games, and a lot more. My goal is to read all the books in the series that have been already released.

10. Get more involved in social networking sites.
    -Someone told me that it's better for the blog if you make a fanpage on Facebook, or create a Twitter account. I already made those two, but I'm not really involved yet, so in 2013, I'm gonna make use of Twitter and Facebook for my blog.

How about you guys? What are your bookish/blogger goals?