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  Having made a few covers myself for Wattpad authors, I can say that I am totally into covers of books. Also, covers are the very first thing that we see when we pick up books, and sometimes we even judge a book by its cover, literally! So, I've decided to create a new meme, Cover Love Mondays! Something beautiful to start a whole new week! :D In this meme, we post pictures of the covers we liked for the week. This is a meme for Mondays, and a linky will be up with each post for you to join. This meme would launch the week after the next, on April 29, 2013. Guys, let me know if you want topics for each week or not. (i.e. summer themed covers, dark, pastel, etc)

  Some  I made...


  The next meme is called The Book Detective. It's a meme to post books that we have read and would recommend to others under the categories provided each week. For example: contemporary, bad boys, forbidden romance, etc. This is a way for us to share our favorites, recommend it, and also for us to find our next favorite reads under the categories we like. I will post every Thursdays and a linky will be posted each week. This meme will be launched the week after the next, on May 2, 2013.

Hope you guys join! :) 

Feel free to suggest topics!

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