The Book Detective (3)

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Opening post + schedule

  This meme is called The Book Detective. It's a meme to post books that we have read and would recommend to others under the categories provided each week. For example: contemporary, bad boys, forbidden romance, etc. This is a way for us to share our favorites, recommend it, and also for us to find our next favorite reads under the categories we like. I will post every Thursdays and a linky will be posted each week.

The topic for today is your favorite LOVE TRIANGLES :)

   I'm not very big on love triangles (even tohugh I've read a lot), but I don't mind them. I think they make the story more exciting, and keep readers wanting for more.

  I am picky with Dystopian reads, but this is one of my favorites! I'm totally TEAM PEETA! Peeta's sweet, caring, loving, and he has a way with words that can make your heart thump like crazy. Sorry Gale fans! But seriously, I get where Gale is coming from, since he was there for Katniss all the time, but Peeta's just the one for me and Katniss. :))

  This one is one of the few vampire reads that I love. I usually hate supernatural books and long series, but VA is just original and entertaining! TEAM ADRIAN all the way! Adrian's loyal, honest, willing to change, and I love that about him. Dimitri might be right for Rose, but if I were the one to choose, I would definitely choose Adrian. PS. I haven't read Bloodlines yet. :P

Feel free to suggest topics! 


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2 thoughts

  1. Love those picks! I'm for Peeta and Dimitri though :P. You totally need to get on and start 'Bloodlines'!!!

  2. Definitely team Peeta, and I think I'm leaning towards Dimitri (I stopped reading VA after the 4th book though)


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