Review: American Girl on Saturn + Giveaway

Title: American Girl on Saturn

Author: Nikki Godwin

Series: N/A Standalone

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance


Publication Date: August 29, 2013

Pages: 340 Pages

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

   The summer after graduation is supposed to be that first real taste of freedom - but not for eighteen-year-old Chloe Branson. Just as that breeze of freedom is making its way into her galaxy, her secret-service-agent dad drops a meteor-sized bomb of bad news on her and her sisters. An attempt has been made on the lives of Canadian boyband, Spaceships Around Saturn, during their USA tour, and the guys have to go into hiding ASAP. The only problem? In the midst of the crisis and media frenzy, their dad volunteered to hide the their house.

  Six-year-old Emery is as ecstatic as any self-proclaimed Saturnite would be, but Chloe and her seventeen-year-old sister Aralie watch their summer plans crash and burn like a falling star. The SAS guys aren't happy with the situation, either. Bad boy Jules picks fights with Aralie about everything from his Twitter followers to his laundry, and heart-throb Benji can't escape Emery's fangirlisms for more than three minutes.

  But after the super-cute Milo kisses Chloe during a game of hide-and-seek, she finally understands what Emery means when she talks about SAS being "out of this world." If this is what Saturn feels like, Chloe doesn't want to come back to Earth.

   When I read the synopsis of American Girl on Saturn, I got sucked in immediately. I mean, a band in your house?! That's got to be a dream come true! But for the main character, Chloe, it's a total disaster! Not only are they banned from using cellphones and social media sites, all their summer plans are ruined too! With those said, I got really interested with the plot and decided to join the blog tour!

  When I started reading the novel, I didn't think I would like it very much, because I felt like the tone was kind of childish for me. But then I thought, it's only the beginning, it might get better. And it did! It got so much better that it got to the point when I couldn't put my phone down because I was so excited with what was happening.

  The romance of Chloe and Milo was really cute and interesting, and it made me feel the butterflies Chloe were feeling too! I love how the author wrote the novel. The tone from the middle to the end made the mood really romantic when Chloe and Milo were together. The conversations of the two were really great too, especially the metaphors. Milo made me fall in love by just reading his dialogues, and I loved the quirkiness of Noah and the other band members!

  I'm so glad I signed up for this tour and gave it a chance even when I didn't like the first book, because I found a book that I thoroughly enjoyed. It was cute, amusing, interesting, and the plot definitely got better and better as the book progressed.

  Those looking for a cute, light read that would make you fall in love should really check this book out. You won't regret picking it up!

  Convinced yet? You're lucky, because American Girl on Saturn is on sale for just $0.99 on Amazon right now!

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