Divergent Gryffindor on Semi-Hiatus

10:32 PM

  Hey there, my dear awesome readers!

  I would just like to tell you that starting today, November 18, 2013, Divergent Gryffindor would be on semi-hiatus due to the overbearing amount of school work I've been having lately. I can barely read books for fun anymore, because I have book reports for school and a Filipino novel that makes my nose bleed every time I open it. Plus, it's our school's 50th anniversary, so there are many events that come with that. We have dance rehearsals twice a week, and we also have sportsfest!

  I wouldn't be posting often, just occasionally whenever I have some free time. I would probably be back somewhere around the middle of December because we'll be having having our Christmas break then. Yay! :)

  I hope you guys understand, thank you! :D

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