Top Ten Tuesday

Cover redesign attempts:

(based on the same concept)

(kissing in the rain scene)

Covers I don't like:

The Perks of Being a Wallflower:
I really hate this cover because it doesn't even look like a cover at all. I don't get the idea of why it's like this.

After Hello:
For me, the cover of this one doesn't really look like a cover at all. Which is a waste, really, since the content is really amazing!

Fallen Crest High:
The font used for the title is unprofessional, and the image used isn't really eye-catching. Good thing it has high Goodreads ratings!

The synopsis of this one is really amazing, though I wouldn't have read it if I wasn't bored at the time. The cover makes you not want to be interesting in it.

 Girls are Players:
The cover of this one is a huge fallback from the cover of the first book! I seriously cannot get the cover, and the pictures blended together don't look good at all.

That Boy:
Seriously, who allowed this one to be printed out like this? It doesn't even look like a cover! It looks like a drawing of an elementary school student!

I think the cover of this one would have been okay had the title of the font been changed, but right now, it doesn't look okay. 

My Love Lies Bleeding:
Man, that drawing on her throat gives me crazy chills! Not only is it weird, but also creepy! The placement of the title could have done better too.