I'm *Officially* Back!! :D

Hey guys!

 If you have noticed, there were barely any posts during February. Actually, there were no posts at all aside from the scheduled blog tours that I committed in. I apologize for not being able to tell you guys at that time that I won't be able to blog because I had tons of homework and projects to do. Being a senior in high school sure is hard! I wasn't able to make an official hiatus post because I was really really busy, and I'm sorry.

 But on the brighter note, I am now officially back! Yay! Today is my last official school day, so there will be regular posts again, and no one is happier about it than me! I'm finally done with all those exams and workloads! Goodbye, high school! As much as possible, there'll be no more unexplained hiatuses in the future, haha!

 Aside from that, there's also another wonderful thing that I would like to add, and that is, I finally found a co-blogger! Well, not officially because she'll just be here for the summer months in my country (March - May), but I'm still glad nonetheless!

 Her name is Pauline, and she's my friend from school. She also has a blog of her own, so be sure to check it out! You can expect reviews and memes from her. I will also discuss having joint reviews and features with her, though that's not certain yet. Without further ado, I turn the floor to Pauline for a short introduction.

Fathomless Reveries
click the button to go to her page
 Hello! I’m Pauline from Fathomless Reveries. There's not much to say about me, but yeah, I love reading books, most especially YA/NA, contemporary romance and anything that involves music. I tend to become very talkative whenever I find something I like or dislike. I often don’t finish the things that I’ve started, but hopefully I’ll be able to continue blogging!  I love anything cute and artistic (most especially typography stuff) and it is my dream to have my own portfolio posted somewhere, although it seems impossible at the moment. (HAHA)

 So that's it! I hope we all get to enjoy our breaks, and as always, happy reading! :)