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  From #1 New York Times bestselling author Colleen Hoover, a passionate tale of friendship, betrayal, and romance—and the enchanting music that inspires one young woman to put her life back together.

  At twenty-two years old, aspiring musician Sydney Blake has a great life: She’s in college, working a steady job, in love with her wonderful boyfriend, Hunter, and rooming with her good friend, Tori. But everything changes when she discovers Hunter cheating on her with Tori—and she is left trying to decide what to do next.

  Sydney becomes captivated by her mysterious neighbor, Ridge Lawson. She can’t take her eyes off him or stop listening to the daily guitar playing he does out on his balcony. She can feel the harmony and vibrations in his music. And there’s something about Sydney that Ridge can’t ignore, either: He seems to have finally found his muse. When their inevitable encounter happens, they soon find themselves needing each other in more ways than one…

  From the author of the New York Times bestsellers Slammed, Point of Retreat, Hopeless, This Girl, and Losing Hope, Maybe Someday is destined to become another bestseller and long-lasting fan favorite.

  Soccer star Lainey Mitchell is used to getting what she wants, and when her boyfriend Jason breaks up with her for no reason, what she wants is to win him back before the start of their senior year. Lainey and her friend Bianca check the interwebz for tips and tricks, but the online dating advice is all pretty lame.

  Then the girls stumble across a copy of The Art of War. Didn't someone once say that love is a battlefield? Jason isn't going to stand a chance once Lainey and Bee go all Zhou Dynasty on him...

  Old school strategy and subterfuge meet modern-day dramarama in the story of a girl who sets out to win at all costs and ends up discovering what's really worth fighting for.

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12 thoughts

  1. OOh these are two I hadn't heard of before but they sound great. Especially the Colleen Hoover one.
    Thanks for stopping by my WoW post!
    -Kimberly @ Turning the Pages

  2. I don't think either of these are what I'd usually read but The Art of Lainey sounds like it could be good. Hope you enjoy these :)

  3. Oh nice! Seeing these two around a lot! They're not my kind of reads, but I still hope you love them once you read them!

    Here's my WoW

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  4. It's always a good time for some Colleen Hoover. Great choices!


  5. I'm really looking forward to Maybe Someday, even though I haven't read any of the author's previous books. I guess this will be my first :)
    I will be starting The Art of Lainey soon, and I'm looking forward to it, it seems intriguing.
    Great picks!

    My WoW

  6. I really like the cover for The Art of Lainey! I hope you enjoy both of these once you get a chance to read them. :)

  7. i'm so excited for maybe someday!! a few more weeks!! i actually pre-ordered it quite a while back and the wait is killing me. awesome picks :)

    hope you can stop by my WoW Post.

    -michelle @ Michelle & Leslie's Book Picks

  8. I'm so excited to check out The Art of Lainey, hopefully it's as cute and fun as it sounds! I still need to try out Colleen Hoover, but I've been hearing great things! Great picks, thanks for sharing.

    Cyn @ Bookmunchies (:

  9. I can't wait to read the Art of Lainey. I'm waiting until it gets closer to the pub date to start reading. I'm crossing my fingers that it's going to be amazing.

    Aly @ My Heart Hearts Books
    My WoW

  10. I don't really read contemporary but both of these sound interesting. Especially The Art of Lainey :) Great picks!

  11. Everyone seems to love Colleen Hoover's books, but I have yet to read one! I should get on that. Thanks for stopping by earlier!

  12. Hey, both of these books sure look like real winners!! I especially like "Maybe Someday", although "The Art of Lainey" looks good, too.

    Your first pick reminds me of what my mom used to tell us girls when we were in our late teens -- "There's no such thing as 'a best friend ' when a guy is in the picture!" Lol. I know that not ALL best friends are going to do something like this, but I think Mom was wise to warn us -- just in case!

    "The Art of Lainey" sounds like a really fun read. It's interesting that the author is using "The Art of War" as Lainey's manual on getting back her man. I'm very curious to see how she applies those timeless principles.....

    Thanks for sharing both of these great picks! Thanks as well for commenting on my WOW!! : )


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