Review: Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

Title: Bloodlines
Author: Richelle Mead
Series: Bloodlines #1
Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Paranormal, Fantasy
Publication Date: August 23, 2011
My Rating: 4 Stars

  Blood doesn't lie...

  Sydney is an alchemist, one of a group of humans who dabble in magic and serve to bridge the worlds of human and vampires. They protect vampire secrets - and human lives. When Sydney is torn from her bed in the middle of the night, at first she thinks she's still being punished for her complicated alliance with dhampir Rose Hathaway. But what unfolds is far worse. Jill Dragomir - the sister of Moroi Queen Lissa Dragomir - is in mortal danger, and the Moroi must send her into hiding. To avoid a civil war, Sydney is called upon to act as Jill's guardian and protector, posing as her roommate in the last place anyone would think to look for vampire royalty - a human boarding school in Palm Springs, California. But instead of finding safety at Amberwood Prep, Sydney discovers the drama is only just beginning...

  I didn't exactly know what to expect before I read this book, but I felt like if it came from the author of Vampire Academy, it has to be good right? I've put off reading this for quite a while already, mostly because I didn't want to wait for the next book, but also because I loved Vampire Academy so much that I was scared of disappointment from this one. Well, turns out, I was a bit disappointed, but I will still read the next one!

  I'm so sad that there are no Adrian feels in this one because I loved him in Vampire Academy, but then I also get that this one is not centered on romance. That's not what's hindering me from giving this five stars though. It's because unlike VA, I felt like skipping the narratives of this one. Not that it was slow or anything, but it's not as compelling. I didn't feel the need to read everything, and that's just sad. I was disappointed a bit, because I knew that Richelle Mead is capable of doing so much more. The mystery was amazing though, and that pushed me to read faster.

  I liked the story so far. I'm excited to read the next book, and I hope that it's better than this one, because VA certainly is at the top of my favorites list. Actually, I kind of know that it'd be better than this one because, hello? Richelle Mead, right? :)

**Sorry, I didn't feel like writing a long review and recapping it, because my mind is now on The Golden Lily. I'm excited! :D

“Takes a lot of tries before you hit perfection." He paused to reconsider that. "Well, except for my parents. They got it on the first try." (Adrian)”

“My God, Sage. Your eyes. How have I never noticed them?"
That uncomfortable feeling was spreading over me again. "What about them?"
"The color," he breathed. "When you stand in the light. They're amazing... like molten gold. I could paint those..." He reached toward me but then pulled back. "They're beautiful. You're beautiful.”

“The greatest changes in history have come when people were able to shake off what others told them to do.”

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