Mini Review: Best Kind of Broken

Title: Best Kind of Broken
Author: Chelsea Fine
Series: Finding Fate #1
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Publication Date: March 4th, 2014
My Rating: 3.5 Stars

  Pixie and Levi haven't spoken in nearly a year when they find themselves working―and living―at the same inn in the middle of nowhere. Once upon a time, they were childhood friends. But that was before everything went to hell. And now things are... awkward.

  All they want to do is avoid each other, and their past, for as long as possible. But now that they're forced to share a bathroom, and therefore a shower, keeping their distance from one another becomes less difficult than keeping their hands off each other. Welcome to the hallway of awkward tension and sexual frustration, folks. Get comfy. It’s going to be a long summer.

  Pixie and Levi were childhood friends, but now they don't talk to each other anymore. All they both want is to escape and forget the past, but now fate has brought them back together. They both work in an inn and is forced to live close to each other and even share a bathroom together! 

  Best Kind of Broken is about a journey of forgiving, accepting, and letting go of the guilt and the past. At first I felt nothing towards the book - I didn't like nor hate it. There was this weird and crazy sexual tension immediately, and it was the weird kind. But then as the story progressed, I knew the characters more, and it just got better and better. 

  I loved how the characters slowly let each other in again, and I just loved how they made up with their past. It was gripping and compelling, and I was drawn to the story! There was a story build-up, and it was really great! It has love, life, and friendship combined in one story.

  I loved most of the latter part of this story, but I didn't really like the first half because I felt like it was kind of repetitive in a way that every time they see each other, the same thing happens over and over again. Because of that, I give this book 3.5 stars.

“Because love isn’t something that needs to be said out loud!” Her face flushes with passion. “It’s something you just know. It’s an unspoken thing. It’s humble and quiet and constant…” She goes back to slaughtering the mushrooms, but lowers her tone a bit. “I mean, you can’t just say you love someone and make it true. That’s not how it works. Real love doesn’t need to be declared or confessed. Real love just… is. You know?” 

“And I am yours,” she says quietly. “Even when you don’t want me. I’m still yours.”

“Winning is an effect of trying. You have to want it badly enough to go through pain, discipline, and failure to find it. To confront it. To claim it. But most of all, you have to fight for it. Everything else—anything else—is absolute surrender” 

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