Mini Review: Wrecked

Title: Wrecked
Author: Priscilla West
Series: Wrecked #1
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Publication Date: December 11th, 2014
My Rating: 4 Stars

  “There would be no happy ending for us. He was too damaged. I was too broken.”

  Two years ago, Lorrie’s mother was murdered. But that wasn’t the end of it. Reeling from the tragedy, Lorrie’s father spiraled into alcohol, depression, and finally suicide.

  The two most important people in Lorrie’s life are both gone but she’s still alive.

  Trying to recover from the tragedy, Lorrie returns to campus, ready to pick up the pieces of her life. All Lorrie wants is to get back to “normal.”

  Then she meets Hunter. The man, the legend, “the Hammer.”

  Hunter is a cage fighter who takes on every fight like he’s got nothing to lose. His life is a tangled mess of girls, booze, and fist fights. And while it may seem like he’s got a devil-may-care attitude, he’s fighting a private cage-match with a monster he can’t defeat.

  Lorrie knows that Hunter is the exact type of guy she should stay away from, especially in her fragile state, but Hunter has other ideas.

  As Hunter and Lorrie grow closer together, will they be able to overcome their pain and heal each other? Or will they both end up wrecked?

  Wrecked is a book that isn't perfect, but one that I definitely enjoyed.

  Lorrie's parents are both deaths, and they both had tragic death that was broadcasted by the media. Lorrie took a break from school, but now returned to feel normal again. Then she meets Hunter, a cage fighter. They become friends, and later on develop feelings for each other, but will those feelings heal or destroy them both?

  Wrecked was an enjoyble read, but I was annoyed at some point how lengthy and repeating things were between Lorrie and Hunter. I really liked the book. I loved how the story and Lorrie and Hunter's relationship progressed, but I hated how it was just all about sex when they first got together. I'm glad that the snark and hilarious comments did not disappear though. Aside from those two points, I can say that I enjoyed this book.

  The ending of this book hurt me so much, and I just need to read the next book now! I literally wanted to throw my Kobo, but luckily, some sense still remained in my head.

  I will say that this book is not for everyone, but definitely give it a shot if you feel like you might like it from the synopsis.

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