Review: A Starstruck Kiss

Title: A Starstruck Kiss
Author: Lauren Blakely
Series: Wrapped Up in Love #1
Genre: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary
Publication Date: September 29th, 2014
My Rating: 3.5 Stars

  A sexy and swoony new adult romance...

  There are no two ways about it — William Harrigan is a certified babe. He’s sexy, smart, and British, and he wants nothing more than to charm the pants off fellow college senior Jess Leighton. Well, he does want other things; he just can’t tell her about the job he’s working on since it maybe, possibly involves her. Jess, who moonlights as a celebrity photographer, is laser-focused on earning enough money snapping pics to pay her way through grad school, but when the criminally handsome William starts moving in on her turf, she’s got to fend off the competition from him as well as resist her desire to smother him in kisses because William makes her heart race and her skin sizzle.

  Too bad this man is not to be trusted.

  Right? Except if Jess wants to snag the million-dollar picture she desperately needs, she’ll have no choice but to trust Will, and he’ll have to come clean about everything he wants from Jess. Including her.

  A Starstruck Kiss is definitely a refreshing read for me - whereas many books are written from the point of view of a celebrity or a celebrity's love interest, this one focuses on Jess, a paparazzo who is trying to pay her way through college with this job. It's definitely interesting to see things from this perspective mainly because celebrities always hate paparazzi and sometimes even treat them like trash. Whereas paparazzi are always cast aside, this book focuses on them and somehow, gives them lives. Suddenly, they're not merely unknown faces behind the lens of a camera, but people trying to do their jobs right and keep up with life.

  All those said, I was really able to enjoy A Starstruck Kiss. It's light and it has a hint of humor, kind of perfect for the mood that I was in when I read the book. I loved how this was told in dual POVs because I'm a sucker for those. I also loved how both main characters were family people. Mainly, I just loved the idea for this book.

  However, I did find things I didn't like here and there, preventing me from giving this a higher rating despite me enjoying it. First, I don't get why everyone Jess knows are connected to showbiz, and have other connections as well! It seemed very unrealistic to me that her family and even her roommate has connections. Second, I was not sucked into the story as much as I would like to. For the first few chapters, I felt really disconnected to the story and I didn't feel compelled to read the book. However, at the last 30% or so of the book, it began picking up and I began loving it! Third, for the first part also, it felt like the story was without purpose and not going anywhere, but I'm glad that it all became good in towards the end.

  Everything aside, I would still love to read the next book when I get the time. Luckily for me, I already have a copy in hand, which I got for free from Amazon! Hopefully, I'll get more of a glimpse on the main characters as a person, as I didn't get to in this one.

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