Bookworms Unite Event Recap!

  Weeks ago, Dianne, Inah, Hazel, Miel, Aimee and Faye organized a meet for Filipino bookworms. I was hesitant to sign up at first since I thought that I might be out of place or it might be awkward, but I'm really glad that I did! Last Sunday was a lot of fun! It was a Sunday filled with, books, bookish people, bookish games and food - what more could I have asked for?

 Photo grabbed from Faye of The Social Potato Reviews

Photo grabbed from Faye of The Social Potato Reviews

Photo grabbed from Faye of The Social Potato Reviews

  When I reached the venue, the first people I saw were Hazel and Nina, and that made me really happy because they were bloggers whom I already met before. I was especially happy to see Nina since we haven't seen each other in ages!

That's be being weird, haha! 
Photo grabbed from Faye of The Social Potato Reviews

  The organizers prepared lots of amazing activities for us. There was a game called Finding Eros, where you need to find a fictional character's OTP. If you get 3 correct answers in 60 seconds, you win a price. I was too scared to join that since I felt like I wouldn't know the characters.

  Next is Word Soup, where we had to find 5 bookish words in 1 minute and 30 seconds. It was a word search sent from hell since it was so hard to find words, but luckily I managed to find 5 words!

Hardest word search ever! 
Photo grabbed from Faye of The Social Potato Reviews

Hazel trying to solve the word soup from Hell. 
Photo grabbed from Faye of The Social Potato Reviews

  Next we played Guess the Cover, where the organizers would show us a small portion of an upcoming release and we had the guess the title and the author. I was in a team with Jem and Nina, and from the start we knew we would lose since we were kinda clueless haha! It was still really fun though. If there would be a next meet, all three of us promised that we would study up and win ;)

Me and Fay
Photo grabbed from Fay of Bibliophile Soprano :)

  Another game we played was the Human Bingo, which was really a lot of fun! It was chaos, and I don't even remember who signed my paper, but I really enjoyed it. I was also the first one to complete the card, so yay! :D

 Me looking awkward and weird with the book I won.
Photo grabbed from Faye of The Social Potato Reviews

  There was also a raffle, but it's not exactly a raffle since everyone was able to get a book from that amazing stack below. It was only in the matter of order and being able to get the book we wanted. Thank you so much Harper Collins, Simon and Schuster and National Book Store for sponsoring those books!

Some of the books that were up for grabs
Photo grabbed from Erielle

  Afterwards was the most exciting of all the activities - Blind Date with a Book! The rule was we could get the same number of books that we'd bring. I brought 4 books and got 4 books in return.
These were the books that I gave away:
Alphabet of Dreams, Eragon,
City of Ember, For One More Day

The books that I got in exchange:
The One That Got Away, Bleeding Violet
The Mockingbirds, A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC (eeep!)

All the books that we can choose from <3

  Here are all the books that I got from the event:

And just imagine my surprise when I opened Overboard and it was signed! Eep!

  I had so much fun in this event, and I'm really, really hoping for a part 2, part 3, and even a part 4! Haha!