The One Where I Tried - But Failed - To Crochet a Hermione Doll

  I was listening to an audiobook of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone one day when the idea of crocheting a first-year Hermione Granger doll took over me.  So I  was feeling pretty inspired, and I started crocheting. It was a lot of guess work, removing and redoing the stitches, but after a while something was finally showing up.

  After looking at the above doll, I felt hopeful. I think that I did a decent job with the outfit, and I felt proud for a moment. And then it dawned on me that I had no idea how to do the hair nor the face. I decided to just leave the face blank since that's what I always do anyway.

  Here, I finally finished the sleeves and managed to close the cloak. And after that, that's where things failed. I had no idea how to curl the hair or how to do it properly, and this was the result:

  After looking at this, I felt horrible! I knew I was going to mess up the hair, and I did! The hair is usually a big problem whenever I do it, and I just want to do it properly! *sobs*

  This is the final product - after failing to become a first-year Hermione Granger doll, she's now just a plain Hogwarts student. I wanted to make Harry and Ron dolls at first too, but after this one I don't think I'll be attempting it.

  I'm not satisfied with this one as a Hermione doll, but I am pretty satisfied with it as an unknown Hogwarts student.

What do you guys think?