ARC Review: Last Light Falling

Title: Last Light Falling
Author: J.E. Plemons
Series: The Covenant #1
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Dystopian
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
Publication Date: March 5th 2014
Pages: 336
My Rating: 4 stars

Nine year old twins, Arena and Gabe, are orphaned on their birthday, with no family. But with names like Arena and Gabe Power, you're bound to be destined for something special, bound to be chosen for some great destiny. When Arena and Gabe accept their fate blindly, they have no idea what they're about to go through. Thrust into a hopeless world of chaos, the twins must navigate their way through the chaotic world in order to save it. With a key and a letter from an estranged uncle stating,
I'm Still Alive,
Can strange Uncle Finnegan's key unravel the twin's destiny? With the help of a priest who has vowed to protect the twins, can they navigate their way through 2053 America? Or will the destruction get to them before they can get to it?

Thanks to the author, J.E. Plemons for allowing me to review books one and two in this series and sending me digital editions free of charge, this has in no way altered my review of this book. 

When the author contacting me about reviewing the second book of the series, I was immediately drawn in by the storyline. And much to my happiness, they added in the first book too, allowing me to marathon the series! With covers like that, how could I not want to read it, they are truly beautiful. 

I was immediately drawn into this story, my interest captivated straight away, the author's writing style is so straight to the point and fluid. It really makes the story easy to follow and that's ALWAYS a good thing. His characterisation is consistent throughout the book! 

Gabe was my favourite character throughout this story, and the second book too, but he was just so lovable. Compared to Arena, who could be a bit of a hot-headed character at times, he was very calm and level headed, making their duo a strong one. He's such a precious little cinnamon roll who we definitely don't get enough from. I would've loved a chapter from his point of view, but that's my personal preference. 

Arena, I had a love-hate relationship with. Although a strong female lead, she seemed a bit...uh boy obsessed in places, which bothered me in some places. She's a badass, she doesn't need to think with her downstairs brain so much. Sometimes, her preoccupation with herself put me off as well. 

Myra and Daniel, the twins adoptive parents, were incredibly loving parent characters for a book series. Sometimes people with parent issues can bother me in books but this couple proved to be an incredible couple who loved Gabe and Arena like their own. 

This dystopian series really is an exceptional read, especially from a guy who does a lot in life (seriously, read his Goodreads bio, it makes you feel like you're wasting time.) Let me know your thoughts if you've read the book!

Four kicking butt stars

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