2015 Year-End Review (Nautical-Themed)

2:39 AM

  I'm such a huge fan of the nautical theme, and even though it doesn't really fit my blog design, I wanted to make a fun and themed year-end review this year. I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed making it! :)

  I missed two letters to complete this challenge, which are the letters K and X. Both of these were really hard for me, but I'm still happy because this is the fartest that I've read in the years that I've been joining this challenge.

  I've kind of lost track of this challenge already, but I'm looking forward to participating and actually keeping track this 2016.
  I read so many debut authors this year that I even exceeded the challenge! I'm also looking forward to participating again this 2016 since there are a lot of debut novels I'm anticipating.
  I was worried about this one because I read mostly books released in 2015, but I made the cut! Oh yeah!

   123 books this year! EEEPP! I feel so proud because this is the most I've read in a year, and this is the second consecutive year that I've read at least 100 books since I made that goal last year. Ah, I'm just so happy!! (Forgive the exclamation points.)

January - 4, 112 pages
February - 2, 282 pages
March - 1, 219 pages
April - 2, 556 pages
May - 3, 619 pages
June - 3, 720 pages
July - 6, 102 pages
August - 4, 936 pages
September - 2, 611 pages
October - 1, 523 pages
November - 2, 067 pages
December - 3, 217 pages
TOTAL: 37, 937 pages

   I woke up at 4am, waited for 13 hours, my feet were sore and I was so freaking tired, but this was the BEST event ever! Not only did I meet three lovely authors, I also met new bookworm friends and got to bond with an old one! This was definitely one for the books. Click here to read more.

  Bookworms Unite was another event for the books! I met lots of bloggers, some I've talked to in Twitter before, some I haven't. It was an amazing event and I really enjoyed spending time with my fellow bloggers here in the Philippines. Click here to read more.

  The first photo was my layout months ago, and the one below it is my layout now. My layout now isn't perfect or anything, but I think it's much cleaner and more professional than the one before it. 

Thank you for yet another wonderful year, guys! :)

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4 thoughts

  1. Seems like this was a great year, both reading wise and blogging wise! I am joining the Alphabet soup challenge this year and I hope I can do it well :3

    My recent post: http://olivia-savannah.blogspot.nl/2015/12/monthly-wrap-up-december-2015.html

    1. Indeed, it was! Thank you so much and good luck with your challenges! :)

  2. You did so good with your challenges! I ended up losing track of where I was with them. I haven't heard too much about This One Thing, but after seeing it's your favorite debut of last year, I'm definitely adding it to my TBR. Happy New Year! :)

    1. It was a miracle that I did! Yay, I'm glad that you'll be giving that a shot because it's super amazing! :D


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