New Feature: Dress Up That Cover!

  Dress Up That Cover is a new feature where I create an outfit based merely on the cover, not the story nor what the characters would wear. Colors of the outfit will all be taken from the cover design, so the books may be ones that I haven't read yet. All sets will be created via Polyvore.

  Hey guys! New feature, yay! I've been wanting to do this for quite a while already, to be honest. I have been a member of Polyvore since two years ago, and this crossed my mind because Character Outfits became famous in Wattpad back when I was still using it. I have always loved creating sets, and and mixing it with my love of books, this is the outcome.

 I have seen features like these, but it was back when I was too lazy to make this official, so if you have a similar feature or know of one, please comment so that I can credit/ mention them too!

 Below, I will list the ones that I make as I go along. :)

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